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Mr. Bob Carter

Head of Business Development

Mr. Bob Carter is on the Board of Directors of Air Products Qudra. Mr. Carter is also the Vice President of Business Development for Air Products Qudra and the Group Vice President, Large Project Business Development at Air Products. He has the overall responsibility for developing gasification, HYCO, and large ASU opportunities in the region. In addition, he has the P&L responsibility for the $1.6B EPC Jazan ASU project as well as Air Product's ownership interest in the Jazan ASU and O&M joint ventures.

Mr. Carter joined Air Products in 1996 as a participant in the company's MBA Career Development Program. In 1998, he transitioned to the Electronics divisions and held multiple commercial positions including field assignments in both Texas and Virginia. In 2005, Mr. Carter was named global product manager for nitrogen trifluoride (NF3), where he led the expansion of our global production franchise in Hometown and entry into Korea. In 2008, Mr. Carter relocated to Taiwan as the global marketing manager for Electronic Materials before assuming responsibility for the Electronics fluorine derivatives business in 2009. Mr. Carter transitioned to lead the Corporate Strategic Sourcing team in 2011 before moving to Industrial Gases as the Business Director of Cryogenic Systems Equipment in 2013 where he led the business development activity for the Jazan project award.

Mr. Carter received his BS degree in Engineering from Virginia Tech in 1994 and an MBA in 1996.