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Mr. Mohammad Abdullah Abunayyan

Vice Chairman

Mr. Mohammad Abdullah Abunayyan is vice chairman of the board for Air Products Qudra. Mr. Abunayyan is the Chairman of International Company for Water and Power Projects, a company that focuses on development, operation and maintenance of projects for the production of water and electricity, transporting, distributing and conducting all related activities. Mr. Abunayyan is also the Chairman of Vision Invest who has followed an expansionary path making long-term investments in various companies and sectors that provide synergetic value creating possibilities on its way to form a broadly-based holding company. He is also the Chairman of DUSSUR, a Saudi Arabian government investment company in the Industrial Manufacturing sector.

Furthermore, Mr. Abunayyan is Chairing and member of the Board of Directors of several Private and Public Shareholders Companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including the Founding Board of NEOM Industrial City, as well as the Local Content and Government Procurement Authority, the B20 Executive Committee, Higher Education Fund. Most recently he has accepted a nomination from the President of South Africa to serve on his Presidential Advisory Council on Investment. He has also participated in several international conferences related to power, water and numerous business issues.